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Is unconnectedness a state of mind or a physical reality or a combination of the two accentuated by incapability to connect to the facilities when needed. In the hyper connected world as it is oft repeated what does connectedness mean for the vast majority, as the demi-gods of connectedness are reaping bountiful harvest. M-Pesa or even WhatsApp cannot be treated as the harbingers of connectedness with a purpose. The celebration of connectedness should stop and efforts of make its fruits reach the last person in full should begin.

First and foremost is the connectedness myth itself. Vast tracts of the world and its population remain either unconnected with the right bandwidth to be of any great use and in areas available there are not able to derive the best possible benefits because of the nature of gadgets, the better ones they cannot afford and the facilities made available to them. With the Internet of Things and 5G heralding momentous change, this is harsh reality of human existence.

The connectedness should have shown its major impacts on education and health. There is nothing great to showcase in this country and may be large parts of the world. Whosoever had a lead pre – connectedness era maintained and consistently consolidated their lead through online courses, access etc. Massive Open Online Courses have made some difference to the knowledge seekers in the semi-periphery, that is nearly all. Learning and knowledge is still dictated by access to knowledge resources directly connected to location and funding.

Given the connectedness, at least in few niche areas of the world, medical facilities should have traversed the physical boundaries by now to a considerable degree and best possible medical advice should have been available to one and all. We are still a long way off. What we make out of an utility is the finally the worth of that utility ie connectedness. The human will, capability to deliver beyond the ordinary by way of solving the problem statements of the world still seems to be a far cry. Abundance and Bold bestsellers of Peter Diamandis are at best good reads as of now.


Sanjay Sahay

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