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Few and far between you find people who are charismatic, you can feel their presence and for long after they have left the scene. They create nostalgia and also a sense of permanence even after they are gone. They remain vivid in our memories and remain fresh it seems for a long long time. They give a new dimension to mortality. Charisma is created, not ordained. How many such persons have you met so far and what have you found in them? The behavioural characteristics go beyond domains, there is for sure something generic about them.

While the world is bothered about what they can gain out of every activity, job, project even social interaction or time spend, this human being putting in the maximum effort for a task does not derive any benefit out of it. That the task gets completed is the biggest consolation. Most tasks which he performs finally get connected to a bigger purpose for which he has dedicated his life. The power of purpose puts everything in its right perspective. With his demeanours, thought, action and also follow through this is made crystal clear to all.

Clarity to the level of finality is the second skin of charisma. The aura on the face comes out of the peace it emanates out of finality in action, mode and purpose. Not that there is no doubt or no need of change in course or failures, the difference is that it is not dealt half-heartedly or with pessimism. It is dealt with full objectivity and remedial course again tried with surgical precision. All charismatic leaders face challenges with grace and make the learnings known. Charisma creates well wishers, sympathisers and followers and this creates a further bonding amongst them.

Communication is always the hallmark of charisma. They are the thinkers. Clear, sharp, precise, cogent and consistent. The details are transparent and known to all. This creates a very high trust quotient. The capability of seamlessly integrating thought, speech and action over time and space for achievement of a higher goal, in the interest of society, enterprise or the nation is charisma in practice.


Sanjay Sahay

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