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Business enterprises are legally treated as an individual. Organisations are treated to have one mind, may be soul too. All of us work in some organisation, institution, enterprise etc, but it is rare to find that mythical seamless organisation, organic in growth and existence. I have not heard of anybody talking about his experience in such a hoary organisation. Best employers are higher on the level of congenial atmosphere but does it actually do away fractured nature of the organisation.

Reform and restructuring has been the buzzword in organisations and so is eternal process of streamlining management processes. This is not because of the dynamic nature of organisations in the fast changing business / emerging technologies scenario but a desperate attempt to improve costing / efficiency in the vastly demanding customer driven world. Seamless is a mindset which professionals don’t possess, the IT created seamless flows even if it were to happen, can’t take us places.

Banks databases don’t talk to each other, interfaces and APIs have become commonplace currency, bottlenecks are the order of the day. The front end websites and business targets and delivery does not tell the real tale of the struggle in the organisations between individuals, teams and departments. Battle for individual achievements and having as much as possible of so called “your turf” in reality works in contradiction of the organisations vision, goals, achievements and real delivery.

Management principles have gone topsy turvy and so have processes and operations. Organisations remain in their fractured mode but the value add is slowly becoming seamless, the manual data is being forced to make sense courtesy Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The highly segregated governmental organisations would need a sea change for service delivery across board. Democratic aspirations have to be met.


Sanjay Sahay

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