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In the management, governance and consultancy imbroglio each have created for themselves and in a cumulative way as well, worst hit as it has always been is the deliverable and consequently the customer or the citizens as the case may be. The delivery mindset have lost its way, what used to be the most prized possession of a professional. They would live and die for it. What professionals are struggling with today is surviving or sustaining on way to the deliverable, rather than a achieving the deliverable. As long as you able to rationalise or defend your ’lost state’ its fine. The Bosses have also been doing the same rigmarole.

If one indulges in a liberal audit of delivery and deliverables one would be in for a great surprise. It needs to fulfil the quality, timeline and costing criteria together with not failing on any of the features of the product or service. Most even disappear shortly, so being sustainable and necessarily robust also becomes a mandatory criterion. Even documents are deliverables but how may of us even think what can they bring to life. The ease of product creation and project execution. Unfortunately, it’s done as if to fulfil some timeline, completion and to hell with it. A job getting over.

The lack of a Mercenary Delivery Mindset is the back of most of failings on the delivery front and for sure there are umpteen, day in and day out. Delivery Mindset is the natural north a professional needs to take, anything coming in way should be treated with disdain, clearing it at the earliest, for whatever it takes and be ready to deliverable; the product or service or even technical document, at the appointed time and of the right quality. A professional can work unsupervised and can himself declare successful completion of the work.

How many of us get disturbed, unnerved and lose sleep when delivery does not happen? How many of us work for the delivery incessantly even if someone does not demand for the delivery? How many of sacrifice our weekends for this purpose? Is delivery mindset ingrained in engineering colleges and business schools? It boils done to the professional culture; individual, organisational or sectoral.


Sanjay Sahay


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