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What should, what can be, using present continuous tense for any activity, as it never ends & to prove oneself the smartest by being a critic; is the job of an Indian practitioner, professional & a public servant. Having defensive argument at the drop of a hat or trying to push the other in a corner, is a time tested skill of our ecosystem. Make a mess of the responsibility you are assigned with, while creating a feeling that everything fine, is a commonplace practice.

How many times do we accept that something has not happened because of us? How many times when we are caught for not delivering, do we feel sorry & mend our ways. Delivery from beginning to the end is a mindset, a philosophy, a dharma, a conviction which is given a tangible reality by making things happen. If seeing your creation, product, results of your hard work gives you elation, you will keep on delivering & do whatever it takes to deliver. If your conscience doesn’t prick on non-delivery, either you will not deliver or do only what you are forced to. There is no urge.

Delivery is not a easy job. If we see all around, we can make out what delivery is really happening. With vast majority of professionals being comfortable with it, leading normal lives, having fun & frolic with no qualms, then something has gone amiss. Attendance means work & we better our systems to time our employees & gadgets surveil. Incentives, motivation, improve working conditions but what happens to work culture? At the core of the work culture is the delivery mindset. If you have set out to deliver, you will deliver. Guided, pushed & chided, you deliver the barest minimum!

Where do we learn & imbibe it from? From professionals who deliver out of their free will, way beyond targeted or expected. They have to come together to spread this culture. Organisations / Govts should see the inherent benefit in it. Real organisational change. Business & professional organisations can also help in making this change happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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