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Newer areas throw up new Human Resource challenges. It is generally presumed that it would be taken care in an organic manner. It does not happen that way. Some organisations might do at their level, how do you manage at industry level or the national level. Has serious thought been given? We just cite figures of lack of cyber security resources in seminars but nothing moves forward. In quite a few companies, the Chief Information Security Officer, CISO, is not competent enough to handle the array of tasks mandated.

Do we have a clear cut matrix of cyber security resources required by an enterprise or govt. or is it just creation of posts to take care of necessary compliances. When the challenge is the biggest & most pervasive security threat ever, this cannot be our response. The variety of resources required will be as complex as the overall digital operations itself. Judging the correct resource is no simple task. The capabilities of the talent management depts get unfixed when recruiting & managing such talent.

The National Cyber Security Policy, 2013, pegged at the requirement at one million personnel. Today’s status remains unknown. It’s a refrain the world over, ”We need more skilled people for our security team.” Global cyber security workforce will have more than 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2020. The business opportunity in the field by 2020 would be to the tune of $101 billion. Are companies competent to exploit this opportunity.

80% of the hacks & breaches happen due to human ignorance, lack of awareness, skills, cyber hygiene or at times insider involvement. The challenge is humungous. Besides the cyber security personnel, all IT employees / users have to keep themselves abreast with the changing Cyber Security landscape. To match the challenge a Base Document created by NIST, Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, would be of great use. There is a need to cultivate an Integrated Cybersecurity Workforce; globally competitive.


Sanjay Sahay

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