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From the age old philosophers to modern thinkers have provided direction to mankind. Way beyond the ordinary, they understood the real status of things & put forth visionary conception of things, a matrix, a road map, a new thought process or a new structure. The world tried theirs formulas, with success & failure. Such thinkers gave a general orientation to that sector. From Karl Marx to Adam Smith to Elon Musk gave ideas unheard of.

For the run of the mill employee, thinkers don’t belong to us. What they profess does not daily relevance. In the tech world everybody is out with an agenda without a reality check. The vendor is out to create mostly there to sell the product. Small vendors do only the selling. Research is business driven. The consultants are out to make a killing. The regulatory & other stakeholders have not made efforts to understand the complexity. There is nobody there to give a fair idea of the tech world, some tech trends notwithstanding.

Economics as a subject has been made by such thinkers, we still follow the Mahalanobis model of planned development, political thinkers gave us democracy & communism, sociological thought has made us understand the niceties of our existence, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber et al. In a world which is in a permanent state of churning, thinkers are like north stars. Whether the spat between Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg on AI reaches levels of tech thought, tech thought should emerge.

Tech world has it own thinkers by way of futurists, open source product enthusiasts & some very successful tech entrepreneurs. We don’t know whether we are still to find the Platos, Karl Marxs & Adam Smiths of the IT world. Tech Thinker, as a term & breed in unheard of, when technology has engulfed the world. In India, there is dire need to take us out of the technological mess; from privacy to product to regulation to general direction. If much more thought is needed, it’s only the thinkers who can do; The Tech Thinkers.


Sanjay Sahay

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