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In this country everybody is following everything and still the vast majority of things don’t happen, if they do, it’s beyond the stipulated time or not of the right quality. What is the rule of law? Is it only meant for criminal cases and blatant injustice which would be next to impossible to digest. Does it not mean anything for our day-to-day existence, for all what the different organizations do or don’t do? Ownership, responsibility and accountability are the three pillars of any functional system, where do we fit in. First and foremost is the ownership issue, rest two would automatically fall in line, if the ownership issue is taken care of. Is overall ownership even a concept today?
Do we have any angst against people who don’t own the jobs they are assigned with? On the contrary our sensibilities are numbed to an extent that leave aside having any anger, we have even lost track of who owns what delivery role / responsibility. How is owner of keeping the laws in tune with times – amendments, enactments of new laws, and having provisions for its enforceability, so that the impact is as warranted? The Union and State Legislatures. Laws have to wait, at times, for decades to see the light of the day. Who owns the responsibility of having informed discussion in the legislatures, who owns that sufficient time is provided for the discussion? Do we have any fair idea based on the bill to be introduced, as to what amount of time would be required for a professional discussion?
There are law makers all around the place, our elected representatives, who talk of everything but law making. They are owners and they have to be held responsible. Who owns our legal fate? Our right to fair and speedy justice? The clogged and eternally delayed legal system, on whose door should the ownership be laid to rest? Can a citizen manage to survive  from the registration of a FIR to the final judgement of the Supreme Court. The power play in a democracy with its main pillars of legislature, executive and judiciary; the ownership keeps shifting from one guardian to the other, to the peril of the common masses, who are looking for succor, moving from pillar to post. When everybody’s ownership is surreptitiously put under the carpet, what is the fate of an ownership less democracy?
Even above the operational and evasive level, it is the ultimate ownership crisis of democracy. The billion-dollar question is, who owns the Election Manifesto? The constitutional validity of everything related to election is so neatly laid and meticulously followed, there is nothing to force the party to fulfill its manifesto. Elections, we should realize, is not an end in itself, it’s just to bring in people who have the best manifesto and also have the capability to deliver. The making of the manifesto and its release speaks so low of our faith in a functional democracy, which delivers. You can decide on any manifesto, unconnected with reality, facts or data, or promise the moon, does it not add up to massive rigging of elections, duping the electorate and what not? Who all own our democracy, in tangible terms, have to decided, before we move further, necessarily leaving the current cozy arrangement.


Sanjay Sahay

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