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How much have CCTVs changed our lives, it would be very difficult to decide? How much computer vision makes a difference to our lives? What is the mammoth difference between what CCTVs could do a decade back and what it does today? From immigration to fire to accidents to crime detection to crowding to managing objects to geofencing, we are moving in a world, where we have a proven capacity to see, while not being there. If we add analytics to machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are transformed into a different world. Nonetheless, the quality of CCTVs projects have not changed in the manner technology has faced exponential challenges.

Doubt inflicts the project from the word go. From requirement gathering to technical specifications to integration, are still a way  off from being  seamless. Every single project is an art in the great Indian Jugaad school of tech and management. With easing the load and friction of the project on its critical stakeholders, Center for CCTV Research, a multistakeholder research facility was created in Feb’2021 and its doing yeomen service to its cause, with experiments, projects, research et al. Now the thought process which has evolved is, what if we had a open air real life scenario laboratory, where everything from camera specification, bandwidth, picture quality, command center, analytics, intelligent video management, API integration etc. would be up on display.

The campus of RVCE would be this laboratory and all the convergence, control, and intelligence would happen in the Center for CCTV Research, which would double up, as the Video Command Center. This can be built after taking into consideration the current conventional and cutting-edge requirements in this field. End to end all elements of the complete systems would be available, on display, fully functional and the resources of the Laboratory and Center, would guide you and mentor you, for whatever you needed in this field. You could be a camera buyer or seller, a researcher or a consultant etc, this laboratory would satisfy all your needs. On the documentation side too, everybody would be available to bring you to a plug and play stage, in no time.

If there is a specific need, which is not available in the laboratory, we would create a scenario of that nature and deliver. There would be a need to test lots of things; for specs, compute, analytics and scale, and also many things that would be integrated for the first time, for ex. facial recognition with automated number plate recognition with any type of access control. The research on the nature of data, its analytics and the intelligence coming side by side of the video, can provide another higher level dimension to its utility. Integration of footage from the drones could be another  value add, which can be used for a vast variety of requirements. CCTV is still in nascent stage in this country and this laboratory and the center would facilitate its journey to the global levels.


Sanjay Sahay 

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