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Democracy was to usher in a welfare state, a state where the state would take care of every individual, or at least try its level best in a very conspicuous manner, to the satisfaction of each of the constituents. Somebody else will think on your behalf, plan and act too, so that you get the desired ease of life. Whatever has been created is for your comfort and benefit and you are the sovereign and even the central legislature is below you. Any unfair dealing with you or a crime against you is crime against the state, and all its resources will be put to use salvage you in the best possible manner.

In the reality you have to run from pillar to post and at the end of day realize that you have reached a dead end and you have no place to go. The constitution made you sovereign, in reality but for you everyone stamped or validated or elected by you has become a sovereign. From monarchy to feudalism, czars, serfdom and various other modes of rules and treatments meted out to the ruled, in contrast democracy was to take a leap into the future of mankind, India best the largest. It also had the good fortune to start with a clean slate of universal adult franchise.

Not only fundamental rights, equal opportunity, equality before law and directive principles of state policy as the north star were pushing us into an era of dignity, livelihood, earning, quality education and health and a human like living at the end of the day. Welcome to the world of democratic slavery. It is a state where you have semblance of everything we have talked about, the paraphernalia, the process, and all outward manifestations with barest little being delivered. The saddest part is that you cannot express, if you do it would look like you are false, because of the drama of democratic governance would just engulf you.

It is an unseen bondage. Democracy gets enmeshed with feudalism, with the props of liberty is the stage we are in. Democratic slavery is unseen, felt at the core of your heart, mind, body and soul and experienced as scourge, while the democratic rulers have their party. Whichever might the party in power, you will never be a part of the party. You can well understand the groups and communities marginalised in a variety of ways. For a paltry ration or some doles, they have to keep singing paeans of the rulers. They are cajoled in a modern way, make way into advertisements and also in the multimedia social media. We find them on the side lines of our glittering cities. A modern-day slavery or a democratic one, where we cannot identify any single person as the master, yet have suffer, is the irony of today’s underprivileged existence.

Sanjay Sahay

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