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While public private partnerships have found its way in a variety of areas, some with stupendous success, one area which needs this partnership for sure is the area of computer vision. The use cases of this technology are endless, from detecting a face, to drone survey to manufacturing to generating workable open-source intelligence and the story and go on and on. There have been huge investments from every stakeholder from research to marketing to integration and finally the impact making visual data, which can literally change your view of the world. Understanding it as cameras and CCTVs would be demeaning and degrading the great technological feats, we have already achieved in the area.

However much we might think to the contrary, with the successes of mobiles, UPI or ChatGPT, the harsh reality that keeps pulling us back is that awareness of worthwhile technology is very low. When it comes to execution it is even worse. And when one is forced to do, due to many compulsive factors, business or legal, it is mostly done for compliance issues. One the relevant tick is made, you get free of the compliance bondage. Computer vision falls in the same category. Think of public CCTV networks, what it is actually delivering and what impact it can actually make. The gap is beyond our imagination.

Unfortunately, even today if there is project to be initiated, the stakeholders start behaving as if it being done for the first time. Where is the playbook? Where can be get to see all the resources; hardware, software and the expertise? Is there any quality control? What are the necessary certifications? How does the licensing work? Questions are endless and there is no one to answer. The current day consultants and OEMs; good or bad, have an axe to grind, and cannot be expected to perform this role. How can they, when it involves a plethora of products, expertise, services which have to be brought together into a project – working solution.

Think of computer vision in manufacturing, worders can be done. The knowledge of latest tech developments in this field itself is itself missing. People doing their mainstream work are not ready to accept how much of difference this technology can make to their working lives, production precision and time. Computer vision as a facilitator, a third eye, a force and effort multiplier, has been well proven. Think of variety of use drone with cameras can be put to and it is endless. Computer vision and natural language are opening up the world as nothing else. To make the best use of computer vision we need to have bridge with the customers, clients, users, and stakeholders. This is the National Computer Vision Lab / Studio, a public-private partnership, which will bring knowledge about all the latest tech in this field, products, guidance, connects, literature, demos, use cases, cutting edge projects, workshops, and familiarity programs under one roof. Commensurate online multimedia outreach also needs to be provided. Validation of anything in the market and out of the world functional consultancy to break ice would be its unique offering.

Sanjay Sahay

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