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The system has been getting into place for more that over seven decades now. Have the processes taken over, even for the common man, who has nothing great to do with the complexities of governance and the liabilities which the government creates for him. These are supposedly the checks and balances for fair and smooth functioning of the system. There is no denying the fact few services have improved with the digital systems in place, but what about the vast majority, and also the proportion of influence which is behind the decision-making process, some seen and largely unseen.

India seems to have been bitten by this influence psyche. What is it? It is a mindset in which you want to prove that you make things happen outside the normal purview, because of the influence you command. In a slow-motion country expediting normal actions / decisions also falls under the same category. The more complex things you are able to get done, you are supposed to be more influential. The ’tag of influential’ is what India craves and criss-crosses all sections of society, all sectors of work, depending on the capability, scope and need.

A book titled Why, How and the Practice of Influence in India can become an instant bestseller. There is hardly anybody who does not want to practice this art. People vie and die for this expertise. This works through the people you know, what to the outside world is known as your network. The catch is people you know who can be used. Being rightly networked is a great compliment in this country. Besides being used to influence, its capability is flouted as nobody’s business. Influence begets influence. We have finally made a society, where these things are accepted without blinking an eyelid. People get impressed in no time. Social media has added fuel to the fire. It has also created loads of fake ones, who exploit the gullible masses by their display of connections and influence. Duping on this count has become common.

It is truism of Indian society today that people sincerely believe that nothing can happen without influence and conversely everything can happen through influence. Politicians and political workers have lead the pack and it has percolated everywhere as per the downward filtration theory. Everyone has a few conspicuous stories to narrate and together it has created a robust influence landscape in this country. From a god man to the large mass of reflected influence creators and users, the country has been completely sold out to this idea. Duping and scams have become part of our life, because of this deep conviction. We have moved away from de facto equal; purely rule based, merit based, opportunity-based system to one that can be influenced through connects.

Sanjay Sahay

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