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Two simple words have defined human existence in its entirety. It would have been interpreted by different manifestations at different time but as a core value it has never been challenged. It would reign supreme for all times to come. Every facet of life and its every character; in community, business or polity, is valued on this touchstone. Exigences have diluted this, but it attacks back with venom and finally holds sway to keep humanity intact. These two attributes reach way before you have physically arrived and would remain all around long after you have left the scene.

These are assets that have to be created. It happens over long periods of time, in an organic manner. It can be an individual, a product, a business entity or even a political party. It is internal to the individual, organization, product etc. but its glow spreads all across and at it best has the capability to shadow everything. What these assets really are; the ingredients thereof, the building process, the grit, determination and perseverance are not taught or discussed or is a part of any training. The result of this is that these traits have lost its sheen and it now believed that life can be managed successfully without it.

That general degradation of character and credibility is the order of the day, there is no effort to salvage it for oneself. If you get into India’s public domain and specially the political domain, you would aghast to see, that things are moving on a different trajectory? How do we create a party and its leaders of character and credibility? This is not the question rattling any leader or any party. On the face of it there is a lip service to these great traits / thoughts and to be created behavioral patterns, and that is hollow can be made out on the face of it, itself. But what is more intriguing is that they are not bothered about it.

Another twist in not being bothered is, that they are in eternal search of these traits in other political parties and leaders. They search to locate the gaping holes in character of the leaders and political parties and they find aplenty. This is a daily exercise on TV news channels, all across the social media domain, and whatever other avenues they can find. None of them look within themselves, the organizations they represent, and organizations they have grown up with. It is the epitome of hypocrisy that each of them self-certify themselves while negatively certifying the others. They also claim given their lack of character and credibility, others cannot question the questioning party.

Sanjay Sahay

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