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 Demonstrated capability of the individual or the enterprise is not the common denominator of the decision making process today.  Vague understanding of the area of work of the enterprise and educational qualification & vague project associations of the individual is what we go by in evaluation of the two, for the final suitability for the job or for the project.  Demonstrated capability is treated as a major indicator of suitability in UN jobs assignments rather than the professed or potential capability.

With bids being submitted at a reckless pace by companies with  only the financials in mind  & individuals churning out standard CVs, even made by professional HR companies, decision making which  sounds so perfect on paper gets unfixed as the project progresses.  Demonstrated capability by way of projects delivered as per project goals is missing.  It barely satisfies due diligence in word and spirit.

 A matrix of demonstrated capability  needs to worked out which would throw up the actual situation of the company in similar projects, which ought to be a part of the tender document. It would also be ideal, if the exact competencies of every individual on the proposed project is worked out, incorporated in the tender document to facilitate the connect between the individuals on the project with the project goals;  the capability to execute the project as per the well defined process  with validations inbuilt through the execution process.

 The demonstrated capability mentioned in the matrix has to through a background check on prescribed guidelines by competent professionals.  The project managers of earlier projects, from the customer side, have to be taken into confidence to get the real feedback and it should be a mandatory part of the bid evaluation process.  Complete transparency is the name of the game if it is not get trapped in normal manipulations of the bid process.


    Sanjay Sahay

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