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The world wide web transformed the knowledge repositories into a digital asset accessed through the urls. PageRank of Google became the search engine of the web. It made web more sensible, useful, dependable, handy and broadly updated. Given the present age of Artificial Intelligence, it started to seem outdated to the tech visionaries. The gradual changes improving Google searches still left lot to be desired. A customised knowledge platter to one’s requirements could be next stage of our development.

Diffbot Knowledge Graph was launched yesterday at Mountain View by Diffbot might just turn out to be the game changer. Artificial Intelligence Delivered can be the tagline copying one of the popular taglines of the industry. Use of AI is known by way nascent projects & developments but a game changer AI product challenging the present market leader by providing next level technology has taken the world by surprise. The product is Diffbot Knowledge Graph; is AI curated database of more than 1 trillion facts & 10 billion entities.

“Google’s ‘Knowledge Graph’, is little more than restructured Wikipedia facts with the simplest most narrow connections drawn between the them and built only to serve advertisers,” said Mike Tung, founder & CEO of Diffbot. ” What we have built is the first Knowledge Graph that organization can use to access the full breadth of information contained on the web. Unlocking that data and giving organizations instant access to those deep connections completely changes knowledge-based work as we know it.”

AI is the apex technology and will make any preceding technology look puny. This AI tool enables the web to be transformed into a “single source, structured source of data, answers, insights and truth.” It works on a combination of machine learning, computer and natural language processing. It would provide intelligent data on People, Fortune 500 to SMB companies, Articles, Products, Discussions and Images. It can be integrated via API to any business. Users can also make custom queries.


Sanjay Sahay

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