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Knowledge conversion is an important tool for professional & entrepreneurial success, if not the magical formula. The utilisation of knowledge garnered over the years in the educational institutions or later professionally, for individual, enterprise or society is Knowledge Conversion. Does knowledge conversion happen? If the large part of knowledge we gather with considerable effort and huge investment of money and time, was put to use, the professional and delivery landscape would have been totally different. Is the connect missing?

The first challenge is what we study is what we want to study? What we want to study is what we want to do? If the two match then is it a theoretical match or knowledge thus gathered would be sufficient enough to convert it into something worthwhile. The catch phrase is this country is I want a job. Having a job to fend for oneself is the battle cry, the knowledge base you come from has no consequence. The day you declare the disconnect between your knowledge repository and the job you are looking for, the challenges become manifold.

If you have a look around yourself you would find a large percentage of people who have not been able to convert knowledge appropriately. The first indicator for sure is a relevant job. Has the knowledge imparted not been relevant or the student has not been able to assimilate it? Certainly, a conveyor belt is there for right knowledge to be imparted – the teacher & the pedagogy. This is the whole ecosystem which evolves and gets matured over time. The forward linkage to relevant jobs & to other opportunities is a part of the same ecosystem.

Recent studies pertaining to engineering education sector shows that 90% of engineers are unemployables and only 3% can code. We are way way off from relevant knowladge conversion. Substandard knowledge conversion intra – field or inter – field does not add value to the economy in the long run. Knowledge coversion of this standard means huge burden on sustaining knowledge ecosystem, with no worthwhile results. The futuristic professional / academic / research level knowledge conversion, the less said the better.


Sanjay Sahay

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