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In the yesteryears, class photographs were a big event, more like a celebration & then wait to get a copy of it. We tried to keep it for as long as we could, some getting lost  with time. The tag lines on the top & bottom of the photograph were telling, “lest we forget” & “nothing but memory remains.” You would not have given it a thought but the meaning is immense. The relationship behind the photograph will not be forgotten but just in case it happens, the photograph would bring it back.

From a easy paced life to the fast moving digital world, so it seems on the social & electronic media. TV made news into a running commentary & social media made daily life into a running commentary. Photographs are critical to this exercise. In place of memories being etched to permanence through photographs as earlier, memories are created for photographs, to be etched into permanence. In general, the tenor of human interaction all around gives a feeling that we are living for pics & not the other way round.

It has a multidimensional impact on society. You have a successful conference as long you have HD pics to prove the same. Empty audiences & content less discourse is fine. Sales pitch. Before we do something, pic and other media is put in place, it has nothing to do with it’s success, it has to be made successful. Pics are used to make or mar stories. Has pic become a weapon to win battles smoothly & to declare success? Just give it a thought as to how many very average stories wouldn’t have been immortalised but for a few pics.

People come close who matter to get photographed, pics shot during split second visits or meetings, pics to prove you at the centre of an event, pics are even taken when you are not even aware of it; it becomes valuable for the purpose it is taken. Most of the times, the person who adds value to the pic, is not even aware of it. Think of documentation of persons & organizations, you would not have given credence, but for the pics. Pics put you in circulation. Personal level your activities are proven by pics; having a nice meal, boarding a flight, being close to somebody / popular, being adventurous etc. Selfies have led to deaths as well. Digital permanence to split second moments.


Sanjay Sahay

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