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Steve Jobs never went into market survey and moved ahead with the concept of providing products to the user / customer which he could not resist. As the digital envelope started becoming the norm, the products and upgrades become the sole domain of the multinational corporations. The integration of data decides the tool & the product. The digital assistants fall in this category being a value add on the available data, taking care of the day to day digital conveniences.

”A virtual assistant is a software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual.” Though it’s genealogy can be traced back to IBM Shoebox of 1961, the real beginning can be the development of Siri on iPhone 4S in 2011. Since then many digital assistants have hit the market by all the top IT leaders. Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have also made their present felt. Siri still leads the with 34% marketshare of the US market.

With Alexa coming as an independent gadget, is defining digital convenience of a smart home. The gadgets and controls of the utilities of the house converge into one gadget which operates at your command based on the data available with the gadget for processing. The learning is inbuilt called unsupervised learning on the machine learning mode. With the computer’s ability to manage language processing & computer vision increasing, the performance is bound to improve exponentially. The stabilisation of the basic versions based on the data & dynamic feeds with locational and social media integration, the upgrades are bound to happen. The digital assistants are bound to take care of more of our professional requirements, as and when text documentation are intelligently read / understood and assimilated.Physical robot assistants intelligently and independently and operated are already making their presence felt. The seamless integration of the two would put sci-fi movies to shame.


Sanjay Sahay

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