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In a jiffy our world transformed from the physical to the digital. What the IT companies have been trying for decades happened in weeks. Necessity is the mother of invention, either we find a way out or we rot. Try visualising the situation of the Spanish Plague, when there was no digital technology / internet / communication, it would have been mayhem everywhere, with nobody able to make out as to what was happening. Fast forward a century later, the world went through a catharsis only to fall in the lap of digital technology providing succour to the world in battling COVID-19, maintaining the much required robust communication system across the globe; voice, text, pics and video. It brought your office to your home. And schools and colleges also entered the famed laptop in their homes. How long it would remain so nobody knows.

Fun, frolic, entertainment, banking and even every type of social engagement converged into the laptop. As life had to move and some variant of digital technology was on offer everywhere, it just happened. Anything which happens without any planning, just to keep life or operations afloat may not have the strength and robust nature, which is required of it. Though the Pandemic has not stabilised in large parts of the world, its high time that all functionalities of life and business are taken through the digital transformation process.

There is a need for a Digital Transformation Course in every enterprise, every sector, every industry, all levels of Govt and its agencies, customised to their exact needs and made operational. The clincher would be that having gone through the grind for six months in very arduous circumstances, they would be able to give the right requirements. The course would be built on these foundations. While the capacity building in on, in this direction, another team with the help of subject matter experts and relevant technologists would do an As Is Study. It would also decide the desired goal with complete detailing to achieve the final goal of total digital transformation at the functional level, as it is required today.

Between the two is a gap which would emanate out of the Gap Analysis done on the two sets of data / operational details; As Is and the Desired Level. The course would happen but this transformation is the real challenge. The course and study are initiators and an exercise in creating Change Agents to bring about this Transformational Change. They are the catalysts of change. Based on the methodology projected earlier, this can be done in a pretty short duration. Lots of work had already happened perforce, putting in whatever new is required, integrating it all and make it fully functional is the task at hand. It ought to happen. Only then the Digital Transformation would be complete.


Sanjay Sahay

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