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Media is touted to be the fourth estate of democracy and enjoys freedom and privileges way beyond the normal citizens. The right to freedom of speech and expression, though emanating out of the same article of the Indian constitution both for ordinary citizens and the media, looks radically different. On the one side you have primarily a population which has no idea as to what it means, being articulate about its existence is a far cry. If it does articulate at times, what difference does it make. Fourth estate is supposed to resonate with its feelings, sentiments, existence and suffering and then to amplify it in a manner which leads to action and change.

The high-tech existence both of the media and the leaders they cover, would never allow the lid off the ones who can speak but have no voice. The whole ecosystem works on I scratch your back and you scratch mine. With the fun and make-believe fury over, the toiling masses in Bihar will have to keep on battling for their day to day existence. This is completely out of their storyline. Unfortunately, the earth-shattering changes in technology, science, education and management are also out of our storyline.  What are we left with then?

Even with human growth, science, tech and business out of the radar, the show must go on. And it really goes on in a big way. This is game of washing each other’s linen in public. Beyond being an adage, it has become our operational theorem, perfected to mathematical precision. Loss of shame slowly has become a non-issue. That being the case, everyone wants to hang on some dirty linen or the other. If you are not hanging on to one, you are not there. What is most important today is to be a part of this humanly demeaning ecosystem.

Dirty Linen Ecosystem is what we have developed over the last few decades. From media to politics to bureaucracy, it has engulfed even academics and research in its raging fire. This ecosystem has its own career growth strategy and you have to use the suggested tools and follow the processes. The ideational change is what you should imbibe, to become conversant with using negative reference points. Positivity, creativity and innovation are hollow words for them, it is meant to keep the well-meaning and the ignorant engaged.


Sanjay Sahay

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