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Learning is long period of linear progression, consolidating over a period of time, to finally provide the base level knowledge / expertise for any profession. Many falter on the way. Once in the profession, it takes more than a decade to reach some level of professional competence, it might take longer too. For others. it is the manageable rut from beginning, to hang on all throughout the professional career. In harsh terms, but for some reminiscences, the capability to comprehend and communicate and skills to manage current is all one practically knows.

The generic system for sure has some exceptions, who have found way to beat the standard learning curve and get on the trajectory of a Disruptive Learning Curve.This is a stage like escape velocity, happens when you have reached the critical mass of knowledge and expertise in any field and you reach a super learning level. The pace and thus the time taken, capability to comprehend and assimilate on the fly becomes phenomenal. What is most surprising that such practitioners can also put all this learning into use near instantaneously.

When this happens, you see professional – practitioner being able to deliver a much higher qualitative delivery, the jump happening during a very short period of time. Same as disruptive innovation, the geometric progression of knowledge keeps happening in this professional and when it reaches a prescribed level, the results become very conspicuous. It is a pleasure to watch the professional grow in his capabilities at a phenomenal speed.

This is mostly on the self learning mode. He knows where to get the learning from and in which manner. Before that he becomes clear about what are his requirements are and works as per a plan. What is really critical for this, is the confidence one develops on his methodology and thus making scaling up an easy job. To feel, understand and adopt this phenomenon is the biggest challenge of the day as the world is already in disruption and learning has to match it.


Sanjay Sahay

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