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Calculated Motivation can be defined as a process by which you are motivated for one time for a pre-announced accomplishment of a goal; it can be done by an employer, parents or any other agency in the from of a reward or award. The receiver at the other end knows that the motivation is directed to a single task or goal and he or she also behaves accordingly. Once this transaction is over the motivator and motivated go back to the starting point, to start once again when the same situation is created. This is the boon of the modern management thought process which has an impact of limiting creativity of any management concept.

We are made to believe that this system has been successful, then what is the explanation for the high rate of attrition in large number of companies, more so IT. What is the reason for the high number of cases of dissatisfaction and stress / tension, when they are a motivated lot? While the world has considerably changed the motivation thought process of the employers – expressed by some HR thought too, smells of the post Industrial Age vintage. Does the same stuff work on the millennials?

Are some financial and physical gains in bits and pieces are sufficient enough to keep a person motivated? Does this not smack of basically addressing a group which cannot make both ends meet and this filler would make their life more liveable. These theorists have extreme faith in external stimuli approach to motivation. Can piecemeal approach to motivation work? If the external stimuli is stopped for whatever reason, what fate does it entail to the employee, brought up in this culture. Motivation as in the case of most of things in the Business School taught Business World can be termed as a Motivation Machine.

While working in Toyota factory long many years back workers were motivated by the thought that Japanese cars would beat the American cars. Those cars criss crossing the US would be a type of victory. Challenge has been biggest motivator for the millennial generation. How do we tap the self motivated ones? Are we able to give them the right environment? A few of those can change a company. What has been the motivation for the disruptors? They are the kings of the modern technological world. The era of Calculated Motivation is over.


Sanjay Sahay

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