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Diametrically opposite to the truism, united we stand and divided we fall, at the crossroads of history in 2020, divided we stand and that too professionally. Professionally divided; the fissures we will not be able to manage as we try to move ahead for a robust future. A robust future we are all made to imagine. India is known for its diversity and as a consequence the divisions as well. Our history is full of trenches even in the recent past, the first one at the time of partition itself. Caste, creed, race, religion, colour, region, gender and political leanings have nearly been accepted as divisive in the negative kaleidoscope of our existence, drawing harsh comments in India and aboard.

With the exception of political leanings, rest all divisions can be treated as natural. Political leanings have also reached the same stage, given our brush with universal adult franchise since the first general elections in this country in 1951-52. What is acutely distressing that these divisions have entered different professions and is challenging the very fabric on which they exist. The profession and its members can grow if there is an unison on core values and its operations. The health of different professions will only decide the health of the nation. Battle between professions are well known and sometimes can even be justified from a limited of view. Intra-professional turf war with no dignity intact is certainly a recent phenomenon.

One of the solid bastions of professional solidarity, even against relentless onslaughts, which seems to be now crumbling is Journalism. Professional DNA is to be united when there is an outside challenge. Here it is other way round. Opening up gaping professional divisions for salt to be applied. The breakers are applying it liberally. Divisions getting into open name calling has become the order of the day. The social media has created another solid bloc and following. Different theatrics, different composition but the same divisions. The fourth pillar is in no position to defend itself.

Four senior most judges of the Supreme Court of India holding an open press conference in Jan 2018, for the first time in the judicial history of India, indicates nothing other than professional divisions. Judicious use on powers vested, is the principle on which every constitutional authority is bound to function. Professional divisions amongst lawyers is a common sight today. Some take even blatant political stands. Many are in politics is another story. The objectivity of the law is in their hands and with judiciary should be a monolith to provide justice to we the citizens of India. Lots of other professions are moving in this direction.


Sanjay Sahay

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