Daily Post 1514


Technology does not have a voice. We humans have done our level best to brow beat technology for our ugly and nefarious designs. While doing this we have not been ashamed of exploiting it to the fullest to subserve our interests. Whatever it may be; ease of life, from knowledge being at our fingertips to planning our financial investments to the last penny. There are disturbing trends all around, it is difficult to decide where to start. Is it a new trend or people have now been provided with tools to do it more effectively and a humongous scale. Take a cursory look at the world and try to locate real people.

Real people does not mean only flesh and blood and but what is above and beyond that. What are you made of? The intangibles of your physical existence which decide every single act of yours. Beyond it, every single thought of yours. The ills emanating out of social media, fake news, propaganda, hate speech, camouflaging, trolling and misuse of the digital medium in ways unknown. All these things were earlier as well in different formats, only few could fake. The rampant and all pervasive methods were unknown. Putting all the blame to technology and its reach is to put the cart before the horse.

Technology does not create fake people, but fake people create fake applications of well meaning technologies and it’s ecosystem. We are at cross roads. It seems that this nation was waiting for it. We took to all these fake persona creating businesses and doubtful information dissemination systems as if we were waiting for it, all this while. The negative digital transformation has happened even better than fish taking to water. There are personas who are created out of nowhere, same is case with thoughts and ideologies. We can’t create fake surgeons and fake players, otherwise we could have done that as well.

Wherever there is no direct physical connect or it can be managed, evaded or camouflaged, the fake people have declared it their own territory. The fourth estate has itself fallen prey to it. Fakeness is getting more and more acceptable. Jugaad of earlier days was to somehow make things happen, now you have to just make it seem to have happened. Marketing fake is the order of day. The Singhams vanish at the first whiff of air. The self proclaimed stalwarts cannot even handle a troll. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in jail to prove the well established colonial govt as fake. We want glory in a few tweets. We have faked ourselves. Who can we blame?


Sanjay Sahay

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