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For whatever you understand of this topic or how wayward your interpretation might be, if you look around yourself, the common consensus would be, it’s very difficult to find anybody on a mission. You can take call on yourself and decide whether you have a mission in life. Even a shorter version? It’s not a short term goal, it not achieving a target or some percentage of marks in an exam. And for sure it’s not a job, car or owning a house. It has a direction but generally might not be fully achievable even in a life time.

The beauty of having a mission in life is the attachment you develop for it. Even a series of failures doesn’t make a difference, the utility & uniqueness of the misson keeps fascinating & pulling you to it, for a whole lifetime. It can be your job, within your job, related to your job or can be completely different from your profession. While some are able to continue the two, at a later stage, it can also happen that one takes up the his misson as the prime activity in life. For APJ Abdul Kalam it was teaching kids. And he did it all his life finding time from even most demanding professional commitments.

Al Gore, ex Vice President of US was on a mission to do whatever he could to bring down the adverse impact of Global Warming. He did even while working in very high profile demanding jobs. The nature of the research done by him is simply commendable. It is documented in a short movie by name Inconvenient Truth. Anna Hazare keeps coming back to his mission of life – Anti-Corruption, trying whatever best he can. People change around him, might be mostly he is alone as well, from anonymity to full media glare, the misson moves on. Accomplishment may or may not happen even in a lifetime, yet it’s fine.

It’s not very difficult to find people today who have made organic method of grain & vegetable production as their misson in life. The effort to make it popular in their free time is commendable. Some by their own hands have transformed their roofs / terraces into organic vegetable farms. In the fast paced consumerist world returns / rewards should happen everyday. The mercenaries of success fake mission of life too, enticing gullible people and damaging society.


Sanjay Sahay

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