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Decision making has been the final differentiator between human beings and others.. It is presumed to be based on the rational thinking. Actually, in the real world the decision making happens more on feelings & emotions, fear & hope, influence & lobbying. Being futuristic & the capability of the decision being tested beyond time & space is non of our concerns. The onset of the information age has been slowly eroding the human capability to decide. Complacency is not the right response.

Whatever Google dishes out happens to be knowledge today. It’s indexing is the final reality. We have lost the capability and interest to find out the modalities of the creation and the source of such data. Search optimization and algorithmic logic has taken over human logic, it is generally not even a synthesis, we take it as gospel truth & answer to what we are seeking for. For the large chunk of the next generation, no decision needs to taken on knowledge selection. Google maps and GPS story is even more fascinating. First few human mistakes and one becomes totally dependent to the extent that at times drivers have jumped into accidents. The capability to decide & be vigilant seems to be getting completely lost.

“The ability to navigate is like a muscle – use it or lose it,” says Yuval Noah Harari in 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Decision making has to be practiced on a regular basis to be in a position to deliver. He sees a crystal clear trend of algorithms taking over the human decision making process. He says that governments and corporations are trying hacking the human operating system. The human operating system is under major threat. As and when it happens successfully, “we will be exposed to precision guided manipulation, advertisement and propaganda.” Big Data Algorithms will rule the roost even in free societies, depending on them develops a trust by experience; the Google story!

Harari says that the movement had been from dictatorship to democracy, broadly form monopoly on information & decision making to free flow of information and decentralised decision making. Algorithms can do the same job better. There is massive funding in AI research but nothing for human conciousness developmment.


Sanjay Sahay

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