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“It is shocking that after all the publicity surrounding Facebook’s handling of personal information in the wake of Cambridge Analytica and its promises to do better by its users that Facebook has yet again failed to protect consumers’ information from hackers,” This expresses the sentiment of the world on the shocking revelation by Mark Zuckerberg last Friday of the compromise of 50 million people’s private profiles.

The devil lies in the details. Facebook has made a candid confession that the buggy code had exposed all its user accounts to hackers for the last 14 months. The account access tokens were taken over by the hackers, of tens of millions of users. The stolen token can be used to log into apps & websites, connected to each of the hacked Facebook accounts. “Wide Open To Be Hacked”, seems to the war cry of this Silicon Valley Goliath. Only 50 million were ”directly affected,” a further 40 million has their accounts ”looked up.” The tone, tenor and the fake legalese has not changed from the Cambridge Analytica days. The fake commitments were made to the world and great meaningless grandstanding enacted at the US Congressional hearing and European Union hearing. Still, he came out unscathed.

Those commitments are coming out unstuck. While those commitments were being made to the world the hackers were cozily ensconced in the Facebook servers. The hackers have made entry through a security hole in the ”View As” option. The company claims is has patched the hole and ”logged out 90 million users to invalidate their access tokens.” Facebook is not in a position to furnish the exact nature of the hack, the tracks, the details, the damage and the impact with clarity, to the regulatory authorities, more so the Irish ones. The EU is up in arms flexing its muscles with a likelihood of over one billion dollar compensation. Social media and Internet has been brought to this sorry state of affairs courtesy crash commercialism & zero regulation.


Sanjay Sahay

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