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Idea has two commonly known variants; one is a new thought and second is knowledge about something. When we talk of entrepreneurship we talk of an idea, but when you ask how you would go about it, more often than, he would tell he has no idea of it. Radically different from that we have a governance mechanism and the administrative machinery in the country. They not only have an idea about what they are doing, they are experts by way of training, expertise and exposure and over the years’ experience, certainly follows them. The resources are literally taken care of and with meticulous planning everything is set to be delivered.

Without getting into the governance systems, we would restrict to developing countries and more so India. What is the result with having a full idea of the area of delivery, when we are still in the battle to sort out its delivery? Anything tried for the first time gives a feeling as if the administrative machinery itself is new. On the contrary the entrepreneur who just had an idea and in some cases technical skills, have been able to transform the world. If we talk only of tech entrepreneurship in the last two to three decades, it would not be out place to give them a lot of the credit to them for keeping us live and kicking during the COVID-19 days. Creating systems which can withstand  pandemic is one of their ultimate achievements.

The capability to get into the unknown, for sure an untrodden path in a scenario of extreme uncertainty and still delivering way beyond even beyond what they had imagined of, is the magic of entrepreneurship for those who can weave it right. It would be the most surprising thing why the governance mechanism is not able to deliver what it is mandated to do, with broadly no hiccups whatsoever. The recipients or beneficiaries would be too happy to receive it. Where is the hitch nobody knows, or if it is known do they don’t know how to sort it out or worse still, if they don’t want to sort it out. What a fall for mechanism which always claims to know everything and be in control of everything finally has a negative scorecard.

So what is the real story? What finally counts, having just an idea or having a complete idea of what you intend to and the resources to support the same? What finally counts for the delivery is your commitment to the cause, program or project. Achievement is equal to the need for achievement. If you don’t need to achieve, how can you ever achieve. That is what explains even the incapability at times in grains delivery. Can there be a simpler task in today’s day and age. Having an idea or not having any idea of the job you have ventured out to do is inconsequential, what is critical is your approach to it and the burning desire to make it happen. Otherwise, even the most machine-like delivery will not be yours.


Sanjay Sahay

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