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Camera, camera everywhere! What difference has it already made to your life? After data being stripped of the owners, is video the next target. For the Cyber world everything is data. Notwithstanding the audacious hacks across the globe, lip service remains the name of the game in this area. One person / company promises the user / owner / customer that everything is fine and everything becomes fine. It remains fine till it is exposed. We all remember Edward Snowden’s persistent hacking of the National Security Agency, God only knows if anything has changed since then. More awareness means more media coverage, but what does that mean?

The experts who discuss in chat shows / boardrooms and the hackers who act, are two different breeds and let’s not even compare them. Only recently have we experienced the technical glitches in the National Stock Exchanges, dangerous enough to force trading to stop for 4-5 hours. SolarWinds recent attack impacted 18,000 of its clients,  Microsoft confirmed of having found malware in its systems. The list also includes the likes of Dept. of Homeland Security, DHS. From NSA to DHS has been the hacking journey from 2013 to 2021. Hacktivists still hold sway as they did in 2013, if hacktivism is not used for our constructive purposes, we don’t know where we will land in the near future.

The Verdaka attack can be termed as 9/11 of Video Surveillance. Verdaka happens to be a Silicon Valley startup and takes pride in a feature called “People’s Analytics,” which lets the customer  search and filter based on many different attributes, including gender traits, clothing color and even a person’s face.” The hack was the smoothest you can ever imagine. Hackers in APT 69420 Arson Cats who claimed credit for the Verdaka breach, were able to get the super admin account access into the system. The group found the user name and password for the administrator account publicly exposed on the internet. Tille Kottmann of the group based in Switzerland says she has already been persecuted enough and is ready to face any music.

The location of the cameras and what it exposes can be an eye opener for the world, how long can we remain neck deep in sand, even worse than an ostrich. The cameras of Tesla, hospitals and the police have their own story and that too live. Even a Silicon Valley successful can bungle in this manner, is very difficult to believe but that it’s the harsh reality. Hackitivists will dictate till the time we are super vulnerable. The group’s reasoning for hacking is ”lots of curiosity, fighting for freedom of information and against intellectual property, a huge dose of anti-capitalism, a hint of archaism – and it’s also just too much of fun not to do it.”


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