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When we look back at the low end technologists whose services we have utilising in our daily lives, in most of the instances have been known to us. We have been satisfied with their services for quite sometime and generally we wouldn’t go to anybody else. These are our electricians, plumbers, painters, interiors guys and the like. The apartments and the gated communities brought forth another set of low end technologists vetted by a committee / association etc for their own instant need. The new age companies like Urban Company collated these services, which was completely dispersed earlier. Their investment in capacity building, standardisation, discipline and timeliness and above all quality is making an immense difference to the company and our lives.

The first moral of the story is, the technologists needs to be known. We have not reached a stage where everything gets seamlessly integrated however much we would want it to be. If that cannot instantaneously happen he should be made known at the earliest by the third party – business company concerned. The owner / customer needs to knows who would be working with him on a task, mostly complex ones. Besides, the timelines, quality assurance and pricing needs to be above par to make a gainful difference. For high end technologists, the education, training, expertise and experience needs to be known. We would also like to know their proven track period from a third party or customers in the course of last three or five years and that too precisely in the same expertise and nature of projects.

What should have been a naturally corollary to our growth, we seemed to have missed out. Unfortunately, in a tech industry where services rule the roost, technologists are unknown. In a group of customers taking services of the same tech offering, if would be difficult to name even one of the technologists working for them. Even if they know the name, they don’t know their credentials. Even by mistake you know at best their degrees or one or two companies they have worked with, you will barely be able to recount a couple of them who would have excelled in the task assigned. If taking responsibility of delivery is a consideration, then you are in a wrong location.

Fixed cost projects and consultants take it to a different level. A telecom guy doing video surveillance would not be out of place. If you don’t know the technologist to the minutest detail, there is no purpose in taking him on board, on a project or for performing one of your regular tasks. Then he should be made to prove his worth with the first milestone. If you have started paying him already, you had it. Then a combination of those called a team hoping them to deliver milestone after milestone. It’s a tough task to get quality through and through. If are able to make dent in all the above-mentioned, which is not very easy, then you have achieved something. You will still be finally be foxed by the price or the inbuilt inflation in the effort, both ending up the same thing – money spent not commensurate to the work done.


Sanjay Sahay

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