Daily Post 1266


Everything you say, everything you do, the way you behave, the way you react, what you learn, what you profess, what you preach, who you mentor, why you mentor, what you can’t tolerate, what you can, what you contribute and finally the people who are companions and the ones who follow are a manifestation of your persona, individuality and your thought process. Think of the world around and you would find it extremely difficult to find this manifestation all around you.

What is worse is this thought process itself is blatantly missing. If you don’t have a personality which is distinctly yours, what else do you have in life. Is their any reason for even your family to follow you but for the emotional bonding in which they are stuck up. What is the differentiator? This whole concept of Think Different cannot come out of the normal assembly line persona. Think different would come out of a different personality, how many such different personalities have you met in your life.

The differentiator has been the brands you wear, the poise and grace which you dramatically display etc. That has not meant anything to anybody who are in the real business in life. Cut and dry, its nonsense personified. Page 3 cannot be the beginning and end of life. For whom it matters, so it be, for the brick and mortar world it cannot mean anything. It will not. Even the better placed with good educational grooming and with impressive degrees / certifications also land in a similar predicament of a little different type.

Their manifestation of life also generally does not project anything worthy of their persona, individuality or contribution. So, more often than not, they keep mentioning their educational genealogy and the degrees and certificates which goes with it. The world today is starved of people who stand on their own, can stand alone, whom people follow by choice and can make anything happen by their charisma, sheer hard work and vision.


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