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 Doctoral programs are the cornerstone of all research in a county, each doctoral thesis an unique academic profound & creating in the researcher an urge for enquiry, in the most scientific, empirical & objective manner, for his immediate professional requirements or his larger research passion.  As the cumulative quantum of research is not easily known, suffice to say, it has the potential to make marked difference to the quantum of worthwhile available knowledge. More importantly, through research,  knowledge & innovation becomes the core functional values of the nation.

The present laid out process is certainly an improvement on yesteryears, when research was broadly an arrangement between the guide & the researcher.  Though much more objectivity has been brought into the process, it is still primarily a guide researcher relationship,  with some prerequisites thrown in through the process. For awarding the highest degree, the level of objectivity needs a relook.

 Doctoral programs should be for the creme de la creme of the academic world & anybody so inclined, from any professional field.  The freshness of

ideas & limitless energy to make it acceptable and / or workable, for the wider world, is what research is all about.  The present trend shows that is it precisely to fulfil requirements on way to be being a professor.  Research for research sake.

 There should be an distinctiveness about the person who has successfully achieved the highest academic feat.  He is an academic leader.  They together should meet the research needs of the nation.  Such needs have be analysed, documented & put up for research across the nation. Universities can specialise in a few areas, where their strength lies.

 A new research ecosystem of the 21st century has to fall in place.


    Sanjay Sahay

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