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 The society, friends & peers at times put some individuals on a pedestal, which they duly deserve, for delivering something out of the world, impacting lives in a positive manner, over a long period of time, taking such individuals of worth & credibility to a super human level.  They in turn guide the lesser mortals through their wisdom, thoughts & acts creating a critical mass, for its further dissemination. In the process the general individuals & the societies, elevate to a much saner & fruitful level of existence.

 Enamoured by this, lots of people with no charisma & delivery, have got into an act, what can be termed as PEDESTALED BY SELF.  It’s an act of a self seeking mind to create an aura. which is non-existent, in the first place. The negative behavioural traits of self-importance & self-certification over a period of time, if supported by equally nefarious elements, facilitates the creation of a mental state, which has the seeds of megalomania.

 With the stuff & charisma totally missing, they want to make up by the paraphernalia, again created & funded by themselves.  They have their own self styled spokespersons as well. There is a desperate urge to create an aura, which gains circulation for a limited period of time and then gets worn out by vagaries of scrutiny, which is difficult to evade in today fast paced, transparent & real time world. If we see around us, we will certainly be able to spot a few examples.

We have them in all spheres of life from the intellectual to the spiritual.  Their major effort is keep them & their activities beyond questioning & doubt,  which rarely happens. The effort needed is humungous and they feel it’s worth a try to immortality.

Might be,  it’s the antithesis of self actualisation,  which should be the final goal of every human being. Pedestaled by self, is all what humanity should not stand for.


    Sanjay Sahay

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