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 With the need to have interface with large number of areas, need to get conversant with at least a few fields, for hobbies & passions, presently knowledge & avenues are readily available to accomplish the same, the natural corollary would be a whole new breed of multifaceted personalities / professionals.  The reality is exactly the opposite. Both the student & the professional are not ready to venture out even to the periphery of their knowledge areas, claiming it be somebody else’s domain.

 All of us aspire to be liked & adored across board and try surreptitiously to achieve the same, which by the very nature of the personality, is not able to reach a wide variety of audiences.  A multifaceted personality, if groomed in an ideal manner, with good communication skills, is a mesmerising human being, both on stage, off stage and in interpersonal relations, as the case may be.  It has a stabilising & sobering effect on his personality, helps in elevating his performance in his core domain & this fuels his performance in all the facets he handles.

In an interdisciplinary & multidisciplinary academic & professional world, there is barely a way out.  Strict adherence to limited knowledge actually turns to be an handicap.  He becomes totally dependent, even if the demand is of some extra related information, to what he treats as his core competency.  From Genome Project to Digital India points this reality with utmost clarity.

At the individual level, all innovators belong to the same category.  Elon Musk is the mascot of this breed of personalities.  The range of trades are from electric cars to space program to solar energy.  Lots of other knowledge & practitioner competencies also have to fall in line to translate such audacious goals to reality.  They have audacious personality, take the bull by its horns & have the patience & perseverance to take their dream through.  Achieves in the making.


    Sanjay Sahay

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