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 With cool & chill hitting the professional lingo & in their social media interaction, somewhere down the line, a feeling has started creeping in, of having lost the real professional in the maze of information, knowledge, management processes, documentation & of late social media.  Trying desperately to make our presence felt is so exhausting, that nothing else seems to matter at all. Though they would like us to believe to the contrary,  herein lies the genesis of a breed called the Casual Professional.

The smartness of the street is moving into our well anointed work spaces, academic campuses & start ups which was even difficult to imagine a couple of years back.  Saleability is the name of the game & the parameters followed are exactly the contrary to achieve this purpose.  Packaging gains precedence over the stuff and tales of sales gimmicks and gloss winning over effort & product, have become the order of the day. It can happen for sometime but a professional is  there for a long haul & not for a flash in the pan experience.

The Casual Professional proclaims that he works hard for five day & enjoys harder for the last two days of the week.  No project or ongoing professional activity can be broken down so efficiently & effectively, yet delivering stupendous results.  It is like the professional life’s paradigm turned upside down.  The standard parameters we are made to believe can be dispensed with.  Walk the talk is amiss.

 The Casual Professional is at pains to deliver what a real professional can & failing in that attempt to so, apportions the blame to extraneous factors, which in the normal scheme of things have no role to play.  Even if they do, the competences of a real professional are enough to ride roughshod, to move ahead with the professional task. He is in command of the situation.  He has the patience, perseverance, skills & competencies to stand out in stark contrast of the Casual Professional.  The Casual Professional being myopic can barely make out the difference.


    Sanjay Sahay

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