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 Once you give the details of the house you intent to construct, the architect starts seeing the final product and starts working backwards for the creation of the same.  A painter too visualises his final painting & without  errors brings it  to life.  A real guru knows what he would make out of a young child.  As professionals, how many of us can see the final picture, which is so nebulous, contours unknown, yet if the picture is not there, the chances of reaching there is equally bleak.  Getting amiss for whatever reasons is not going to set it right.

Might be reverse engineering emanated out of this very concept.  The clarity of the final picture is directly proportional to capability to reverse engineer the final visualisation.  This a capability is not innate to human beings, has to be learned the hard way, through hits & misses, over long period of time.  Once you develop this knack you have got the magical formula to create.  It leads to excellence.  It’s great fun when you see the final picture while others around struggle to visualise even the first few frames.

 The creation of a blueprint is the first step moving in the direction of making a dream, what we call an idea, into reality.  In modern management parlance you might call it a detailed project report.  How many have we been able to create what we set out for both in word, spirit, technicality & form?  Or did we have to to be finally satisfied with whatever got created and then try our level best to defend the final product.

 The process to create the final product can have a definitive edge as long as you have clarity of the final picture.  Or else it becomes a nightmare of changes, corrections & modifications, getting more & more distant from the final product.  A man with the final picture in mind also makes changes en route with the only difference, that he keeps doing to align the process to achieve the final product.  He is never in doubt and is full control of the process, however much complicated it might be.


    Sanjay Sahay

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