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Faculty & Management Development Programs have been in vogue for quite sometime now.  It’s more of a rigmarole that lecturers & executives go through in a mechanical manner to decorate their CVs.  The CVs undeniably give a better look & feel, more so when it is packaged in the modern multimedia style. It’s been more of an  compliance issue based on the requirements demanded by the employers,  college managements or business enterprises.

 The urge to improve / change is critical to the success of these programs focussed on individual professional component.  The regular professional interfaces with life; managing stress etc figure prominently.  The need for the necessary psychological tuning as a precursor to these programs is barely given a heed.  The backend preparation is totally unattended.  The creation of the learning urge ought to happen.  The utility of these programs have to emphasised in the normal institutional setting on a regular basis.

 The curriculum of these programs are as mechanical as the academic curriculum.  The ensuing content follows exactly the same pattern. The expert resources also remain the same.  The whole ecosystem needs a complete overhaul. Creativity & innovation have to be the prime movers end to end.  The methodology & direct connect to the desired wants professionally have to met to make it successful.

 In the fast changing landscape of the exponential age, ushering in paradigm shift in the technology regime & the management models, have to addressed to make these programs really meaningful.  A practitioner going through a couple of programs ought to get transformed, competent to face the ever changing requirements of the academic world inclusive of R&D and of the businesses as the case may be.  The purpose is to enthuse one of its kind energy in academicians & business practitioners.


    Sanjay Sahay

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