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 We all are employed but being engaged makes the difference.  Being engaged in modern parlance is synonymous to being busy or even at times, just passing time.  In reality, it means being engaged with the task you are performing, your project, your vision, your hobby, may be an idea and finally your life.  The engagement comes out of purpose & the earnest desire to achieve, whatever, come may.

 Modern day timelines & targets have been build on intrinsically mechanical model, where results are have no connect with your feelings, sentiment or any inherent urge.  It’s outside your mind & body, so to say. When the attachment is on account of only financial gain or professional growth, the feeling of being engaged does not happen.  This feeling & the consequent effort can move mountains.

 See the work of a sculptor, painter or the performance of a danseuse. then even an undiscerning eye can make out, what being engaged means.  Once you develop this trait / habit you can see the difference, you can make to most mundane of the tasks assigned to you.

 Intensity of a personality is directly proportional to his being engaged with the job he performs.  That intensity helps you to propel your effort to a different level & slowly it starts rubbing on people around you, then the magic starts to get happen.  The quality & sustainability emanates out of this engagement.  Dream is not something which sleep throws up, if you are engaged, if will not allow you to sleep.

Once you are known for this trait, the  world connives to provide all the wherewithal to achieve your goal.  You will be surprised yourself.


    Sanjay Sahay

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