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Though Guru Poornima is one in the plethora of festivals dotting the Hindu calendar, yet it’s a celebration of a different kind.  A person called Guru equated with Gods & beyond and the nature of respect provided to him.  A human held on such a high pedestal, should undoubtedly be based on a  solid philosophy & consequent contribution to the society.

 Broadly synonymous to a modern day teacher, the differences are too stark to be concealed.  The role emanates out of what by now is popularly known as the Guru – Shishya Parampara.  Even the relics of the parampara is difficult to uncover today.  The Guru is responsible for the 360 degrees development of the Shishya; educational, physical, life skills, values, culture, tradition et al, giving to the next generation,  all knowledge & values passed over the generations   & the contributions of the gurus generation;  in a easy comprehensible manner paving way for sure shot assimilation & later usage.

 A role model difficult to forget over one’s lifetime  & taking complete ownership, responsibility & accountability of the Shishya, is the core operating system. The student is unflinching in his loyalty & urge to learn, never ever imaging to question the Guru.  The ideal synthesis of two human beings for the cause of learning.

Fast forward to the present day,  the Kota system is exact antithesis to this model & lots of other ones at different levels of contradiction.  Education becomes a product. Commercial underpinnings decide not only the health & fate of the system but also the fate of the next generation, society & the nation.  Such system can churn out only the professionally weak & morally unsound characters.  If the teacher is himself is bitten by the commercial bug totally, he has nothing much to offer.

 To reclaim the students, we have to reclaim the teachers first.  They have to be transformed into Gurus.


    Sanjay Sahay

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