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Deciphering clarity is a task we don’t aspire to figure in our our job description. The areas in our professional job description demanding this trait is generally avoided to the detriment of our professional well being & of the organisation. The societal areas which needs this tool does not figure on our radar. It’s keeps piling up to an extent that these become insurmountables for the society & we end up with sub-societal living.

This task we want our seniors / elders to attend to and in turn they expect out of their seniors / elders. We at our end want crystal clear clarity of the task, the modalities to work upon it & result goal & impact and ways & means to measure it. Perform it as handed over by somebody, mediocre or otherwise and at the end of the day claim excellence out of it.

From pre-school to the doctoral thesis we are on a set pattern of structure, curriculum, content & result / goal / impact & the consequent opportunities. The better or the path breaking opportunities are build upon a basic requirement, which we have not been taught all our lives; to decipher clarity from whatever we have been provided to work with. Demanding further clarity from the resources / organisation, which does not have any, will remain a demand unfulfilled till we finally give up that project or the idea itself.

The capability to decipher clarity is a tool / skill / competency which happens if you start with such a mindset. This is the first step to solution finding. With this mindset you develop a process to go through a maze of documents, experiences, field facts / realities / opinions / comments et al and arrive to a solution / clarity, well substantiated. This clarity can be tested on any objective parameter & has the capability to be made operational on a methodology / structure, created for the same.

Sanjay Sahay

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