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All of us who have gone through terrible times and come out successfully, have one common trait in them.  Never say, never die approach to positivity.  Not that, it is required only to get over crisis, inclusive of illnesses.  In reality, it’s a daily need and a life devoid of positivity is always a life less lived,  for the simple reasons that effort consequently does not reach its fullest.

 Positivity has another fascinating dimension of challenge.  Only persons immersed in positivity take up challenges as & when it comes in life. We make a lot about one or two of major challenges in life, in reality the  daily routine becomes a daily routine because we are not ready to take up challenges.  Challenges thrown up at us are not taken up & it keeps on passing off as missed opportunities.

 Positivity’s biggest gain is that it keeps negativity away, that is sufficient enough to take care of lots & lots of issues in life, from professional to the personal.  It’s helps in improving interpersonal relationships. And over a period of time tends to  create a halo around you, as person known for his positive energies & creating a charged atmosphere just out of his presence.  Undeniably, this sort of person ends up  leading others  & more often than not  mesmerising people  all around.

 Negativity is not inborn in human beings.  Very rarely do we find an infant / young child suffering of a negativity syndrome. As you move ahead in life the society around you;  friends, family, peers, organisation et al make their yeomen contribution to push you farther from positivity.  Some end up being full of only negativity.

We have to be the winner in the ongoing onslaught of negativity in our lives.


    Sanjay Sahay

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