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How many times have you struggled with the contents of a document, which you did not know? Were you supposed to know the contents of it? How many times has it been a nightmare for you, when you started creating a document, professionally mandated on you? How many times do you have to hire a person to decipher your own documents? Do you even sign financial documents on the dotted lines as indicated to you? The synonym of not knowing a document is called out as trust. That you have so much faith in the person, who has created the documents for you. Are not the terms and conditions mentioned in our documents; terms / conditions of our life, it’s growth trajectory, its asset value, its clarity and its final worth. It’s all permanently captured in documents.

Not knowing the details of your documents which define life for you can be literally nerve wrecking sometime or the other or for a large majority it is a permanent struggle. The number of times you have been put to shame by your boss for not knowing the document well, the one you created, the one for which you are the master, might be endless. Not to bring the issue to your doorstep, indicating your inefficiency or effort or both, you have squarely put it to rest on the boss’s bad behavior, lack of etiquette and his non-motivating professional behavior. Being motivating of the nature we ask for, is nothing less than getting wedded to abject inefficiency.

For not taking the effort to understand a document, how many times have we avoided getting into those activities which would have been  beneficial for us, and at times were. Document ecosystem is what we live in, trying to skirt is an escape route. It would not deliver any dividends. You will remain on the periphery and for sure you will neither find professional confidence nor a comfort level to deal with a large number of the issues / activities of life. We have brought the document to a check list and we are extremely satisfied in knowing that the checklist has been attended to. The checklist being attended to is no certification of the document’s content, usability and rightful utility.

In a highly educated, professional and progressive Indian society, what percentage have the capability to create and vet professional documents pertaining to their domain and work. Software is also a document today. How many in your office / organization have the requisite domain expertise to create a document, which could be used for purposes it is meant to be, with no desperate running around. Document creation in the last stages in an office gives the feeling of a war zone in any work establishment. Leave aside anything else, we don’t even read our financial documents to our own peril. Document is a tool to comfort and prosperity.


Sanjay Sahay

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