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If you are still treating YouTube as a video platform that throws up some videos of your choice in whatever profession you are in, you are badly mistaken. Video has become the maximum consumable item in today’s world, available 24/7 in your hand, at the single press of a button. Understandably, the biggest video sharing platform has become a platform, which has gained its potential to an extent that is influencing our world in a variety of ways. YouTube ranks number 2 after the all-pervasive google search. It’s not only affecting the world of a few digitally enabled souls but the whole world; cyber – physical, in its remotest corners. It is making things known to the world by a medium which is just the next best to physical interaction. Knowledge through physical interaction has no permanence.

If people stuck up with the electronic and print medium would find some connection with yesteryears, here there is none.  WhatsApp even with its immense communication capabilities has worked as a spoiler in different ways and so have some other platforms. The tectonic change you will never be able to witness, if you don’t try to get into it. It will suck you.  It is an impact making world of creativity and influence, monetized in a manner that people comprehend as algorithm. Everybody vouches for the fairness of the Algo. Algo has become a connecting threat for YouTubers across the face of the world. *Creating a new world out of our world is what only a tech entrepreneur can do.* Fortunately, we have quite a few of them.

Audition was the process by which you could enter the communication world of voice and its related trades. Now no more. There is nobody between you and your audience and the audience can run into millions. The first and most interesting fact is that the same generation which we believe to be of the instant gratification type, has shown the level of patience, which we would find difficult to imagine. They are ready to wait for hundreds of self-created videos, patiently, while improving upon themselves with every single video, an effort which is humungous given the multifarious nature of skills required and improving upon it. One thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of viewing is the goal they are dying to achieve.

Waiting and pushing as much as you can, where the value lies is the mantra. Vlogging is still in its nascent stage, and will transform the way we transact knowledge, information and expertise in the days to come. Anything of value has a market on YouTube and if you try to push value where it does not exist, you are bound to fall by the wayside. You can have hundreds of YouTubers globally who can put the best of the anchors to shame. The best part is that they have discovered themselves, through their own exploration and that too a successful one. They battle for permanence in a digitally volatile world and some are making the mark. Content is the king is being proven right for the first time in human existence. It is a tribute to the YouTubers that Sony manufactured a camera for Vlogging. This is the new world and this is the knowledge and  business model of the day. YouTube is the platform for creative and business successes.


Sanjay Sahay

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