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The trait of projecting oneself more often not, lands you into trouble, nonetheless human beings love to get into this mode. This is dangerous for two reasons even while knowing one’s competence, we are not sure of the fact, how it will fit in a new area and the bigger question is how will that topic, area or issue develop. There is always a chance that you would be thrown off the rails and you would know how to hold on to the ground again. Our basic understanding emanates out of the skills, expertise and performance connect which has been happening for decades and if not centuries. At least the last decade has put everything in a flux.

Don’t project, just act appropriately, can be the only mission statement. ”The project attitude” has played out very dismal results in the recent past. With certainty gone missing, how will you make such projections happen. Projecting oneself is way of committing oneself to a result, which might necessarily not be possible in this time and age. The evolving COVID-19 situation with which we are still tied up is an exemplary example. Having projected oneself or a result or journey; the instant fallout is the incapability to handle it appropriately. The agility of thought process gets impacted. Once that happens, what result can we expect?

Just act appropriately is the sum total of expertise and experience, the agility of mind to to understand a dynamic situation and proceed ahead in both a calculated and a calibrated manner. Even then, if there is any need to make any further changes, the person has the flexibility to do that. The battle is between fixed approaches and agility in thought, planning and action. The iterative mode of functioning has generally not been a part of decision making and operations strategy. Decisions once taken are etched in stone and we keep battling it out, even when it is not warranted. To get the decision changed is a herculean task and so it’s presumed to be easier to continue, whatever might be the damage.

Electronic media on 24/7 display and now social media in everyone’s hand, the temptation of projecting oneself, enterprise, policy and strategy is really killing. This is the killing one wants to make as well. It is both superhuman on the one side and inhuman on the other to project even before you known the details, facts and inputs. Lots of times it remains unknown. The time spend in projecting is the time that should be spend in understanding the core of the issue. Having done that, picking up the changes would become easy, the nature of inputs to be considered would also clearer, helping immensely in acting appropriately in a given and also in an evolving situation. The winners are the ones who can handle evolving situations and also the protracted ones with ease and deftness.


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