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Political party based is what we understand of democracy today. Can there be another variant is something which has never occurred to any us. That this is democracy, is what we lived with and believe it to be so. Or can we not have a new dimension or variant in the present system itself. The rock solid nature of political parties have raised there own issues of perception and governance has become a well accepted fact. The subsuming of political executive into real governance mechanism has always been a challenge. Unknown, unseen whip is all through the governance mechanism, whatever might be the country. It is the numbers game; the numerically weak have their own issues and so is the case with larger numbers.

Democracy works perfect in peace time, fair weather governance, diplomacy, international trade et al. In crisis when they have to rise of the occasion, is the time when they not only fail, they just crumble. If you see the crisis handling capability of democratic governments, more so, the grave ones, they are for sure in the red. The history of economic development in democratic developing countries present exactly the same dichotomy. Everything is promised from the rooftops in shrillest of the voices but when you start asking for it, it can be worse than calling a unresponsive helpline. The passing of legislations worldwide is a sad commentary on the manner the legislatures function across the globe, from the famed PATRIOT ACT of the US to the most unknown legislations in the smallest of democracies.

In the metamorphosis of mankind called Corona, the world was looking for a democratic leadership, the infrastructure and expertise promised, unnerved to find none. The battle cry for votes does connect to the individual battle for his life. The mesmerised lot also felt cheated. Some world leaders do not sport mask, even now, to prove it to the world that everything is fine. With the mirror right opposite your face, you at 80 cannot look 18. The scare is deep down every one’s spine globally, as what would be their fate in the hands of these leaderships, if there were to be a crisis much worse than this. Can there be a professional variant of democracy, committed objectively to the nation and its citizens. If this comes to life who is then bothered about political ideology. What would happen if coordinated successful professionals fight as independents across the country?

They would carry expertise and professionalism to handle any crisis, create world class institutions, enterprises and organisations, bring Sustainable Development Goals into realty, and also fight elections through a technology enabled free and fair campaign. If they win more than half of the seats, the come together as an Independents Party. That becomes the ruling formation. Any one aspiring to be a minister would lay a claim based on his professional expertise and would need the nod of majority of the representatives in this formation. The planned Blueprint of Change passed by the Cabinet should go through the legislature to become an Act, each one of the provisions to be fulfilled in five years, the timelines and milestones mentioned, failing which there would a penal provision, ranging from not being able to fight the next election to even criminal prosecution in some grave cases.


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