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As the knack of differentiating between the true & the false, original & the copy , real news from the paid, knowledge from shabbily collated information is being lost, there is growing breed of  Doubting Toms . They come from a  background with no creation of originality and no interface with it  in their ecosystem. Neither do they have originality nor  can they believe anyone has it and practices it.

Internet was supposed to be the harbinger of knowledge & information has become the playing ground of this breed. It has become the  happy hunting ground  of the University of Plagiarism.  From Ideas to texts to ppts to images to narratives to thought processes,  are all being rehashed at a propensity unimaginable.  It has reached an extent that it has become nearly impossible to decipher between the copied & the original.  Having humanly failed software is coming to our rescue to detect and punish plagiarism.

Not that there were many originals earlier but  people gleefully accepted using an original or following an original thought. Now, no more. Having groomed in the University of Plagiarism, they feel they are the  ultimate practitioners  & can get away every time. The world has never been so foolish & more so in the present day & age. They want to make holes on anybody’s claim to originality even when Google searches & plagiarism tools detect nothing.  These are the diehard Doubting Toms!!!

With such mindset becoming common place with no urge to create, propagate or practice originality; the days of originality of some sizeable quantum seems to be numbered.  Being sceptic & critic is perfectly fine, making suspicion your DNA does not augur well for the individual or a society predominantly made up of them.  Use all the resources at your command; invest time, energy & creativity &  enjoy the fun, satisfaction, pleasure & fulfilment of being an original . An accomplishment indeed, cannot be stolen with an ultimate potential to deliver.  Life gets evolved.


Sanjay Sahay

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