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As children grow up we give them a heavy dose of mood variations of at least the father.  That decides when to talk, if at all, what to talk in which manner.  The same narrative carries on in schools & in professional life. The worlds awaits for your right mood to interact & in  the process valuable time is lost and even more, valuable information  is not brought to the table. So it be. It has become the norm of human interaction. As an extreme case we have known  moody persons,  generally negative, with whom we  refrain from interacting  as much as possible.

People take pride in saying that they work as per their  MAAN.  This is to say that they are fully controlled by mood swings in their interactions & might be the decision making is also fully controlled by it. What a pity?  Human beings are the finest products made by God, known for their rational thinking, behaviour and action.  Are we really rational when the reality is dictated otherwise. Are we able to digest a  different point of view or decision, contrary  to our thinking or our presumed benefit or it  just triggers us into a bad mood.

If rational thinking, interactions & decision making was the order of the day for most of us, would the real world be different.  This reflection would help us change our mood emanated life.  Would it have taken away most of the stress of our lives? The  make believe moods  created by hidden agendas of individuals  makes our existence even more complex.  Psychologists have lots to say about  mood in a straitjacket matrix,  is it our true reflection or is there more to it.

A  rational ecosystem  is what we are desirous of for human happiness & fulfilment, devoid of which, all theories of psychology & management would remain paper texts. Not denying moods can & will change in case of serious life experiences,  the effort for a better living, existence, excel and grow individuals, we have to trained to be mood agnostic to the maximum possible extent.  It can only be done by continuous training and practice.  This would be the real yoga of times.  It would be a life of sanity.


Sanjay Sahay

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