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We keep boasting of a connected world with split second communication, WhatsApp adding to the comfort immensely. We share thoughts, pics, videos et al, but  nobody is sure of the fact whether he or she is really connected, one to one as social animals as we are.  This connect is the reflection of the make believe connect we have in the real world.  May be it deteriorated becoming netizens.  Paradoxical.

The basic  family connect of parents with children  has gone through such a strain that was not possible to imagine even a decade back. Children are connected to their own world, right or wrong, true or false nobody knows.  How many of the parents can claim even a reasonable connect with their children?  Connect is through respect, togetherness, warmth & a  totally non-calculating approach to this basic relationship of our existence; parent & children .

As normal societal connects gets more and more nebulous with every passing day,  likes  remain the predominant societal connect.  You can keep counting the numbers in an non-existent relationship.  The connect is so ephemeral that you don’t even know who you are connected to and with what intensity. The game of one-upmanship  takes over. Digital connect can be value add to existing social relationships and not in lieu of it. Life is moving in a opposite direction.

Capability to connect is the sum total of your grooming, find meaning in it, effort and the  potential to give more to a relationship than taking out of it.  It takes time, energy & purpose and over a period of time the equilibrium develops.  Permanence develops and that is the real connect beyond time and space.  You can be fully connected to a person even with little interaction after the faith develops.  And you can remain totally unconnected in the maze of digital communication.

In the public arena leaders are unconnected to the masses, teachers with students, employers with employees – this is world we live in.  Make amends now.


Sanjay Sahay

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