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Disruption is the order of the day and emerging technologies would keep changing every single thing on the face of the earth in ways we would never have been able to imagine. An amazing service is on offer for the film world which is like to transform film photography for all times to come. The service is that of drone customised cinematography services by the DJI Storm of the DJI Studio, DJI being one of the leading drone manufacturers of the world. SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd, brand name DJI is manufacturer of drones for aerial photography and videography, headquartered at Shenzhen, Guangdong with manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Shenzhen is the hardware capital of China and may be of the world and robotics is one its brand ambassadors. Shenzhen as a model of a city defies all logic, is a model of disruption and so are the products being created there. Awe is the only word which defines products and the consequent consequences it generates. DJI is the drone leader of Shenzhen. Drone customised cinematography services an out of the world offering by DJI powered by DJI Studio. The video released on YouTube can put best of film photographies to shame.

India is a country starved of products and here is a capability wherein an  imagination has been translated into a product. This is the future of emerging technologies. DJI Storm drone is an octocopter with four arms, is designed to carry heavy loads. Its maximum payload capacity of 41 pounds. Take the liberty of thinking of professional cinema cameras and lenses from brands like ARRI, Red and others. It has a maximum speed of 50 mph, can manage flying 8 to 15 minutes and temperatures between -10 to +40 degrees Celsius. Agnostic to topography and temperatures. Batteries can swapped out quickly to continue shooting.

Commercialisation of a product generally turns out to be the nadir of the start ups and there is no better way to learn commercialisation of emerging technology products than by these examples. The product and the application are both mind boggling, finally creating a market for itself. Propelled by technology its the realisation of big dreams.


Sanjay Sahay

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