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Projects happen on hard facts and not what one projects. But the reality is that project after project, we work on projected capabilities in terms of every single reality of the project, the more complex it is, more is the proportion of the projected elements. Gap between the project demands in real terms and the projected, which does not base itself on the ground realty, it is primarily a wish list, an optimism, is the gap between the detailed project report and it’s fulfilment. The feeling that you will be able to perform, should not and cannot be extrapolated in the arena of project execution.

The complexities of any major technological project is so humungous today and the number of stakeholders endless, that the unison of thought of even the resources of the consultancy company itself is just projection. Projected as it is for the project, the Human Resource available is already a very stretched one, primarily on paper to fulfil the planning requirement elements. How many of them will stick on till the end of the project? Moving further the capabilities of System Integrator is not just projected, it be a misnomer.

It is not surprising that the System Integrator’s most critical resource the Project Manager may not be able to define his job description from the system integration angle. His capabilities remains to be projected in the most profound manner. He is simply a software or networking /data center guy performing this role. Do we have any specific job description of SI Project Manager? The best projected element is that resources would be picked up on getting the work order, as if they are there for a calling.

Though not talked openly, yet known to all system Integrators, their nadir are the outsourced agents or companies, sometimes euphemistically called as channel partners, they are epitome of projected collaboration, mostly not on paper. It is projected fancy we get into leading to stunted, delayed and cost overrun projects. A brutal approach to quality Human Resource, gadgetry, business collaboration, technical integration / testing and blockchain smart contract is the Project’s crying need.


Sanjay Sahay

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